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Translation, from the Latin word traductionem, which stems from traducere, has for first meaning “move from one place to another”. Such expression could not be better adapted in the context of globalization, which applies to almost all areas of activity, and where the interaction needs are more and more important. And each year, more translations are generated in all four corners of the globe.
As a professional, your goal is to build your reputation or remain credible in a world where language and communication are top tier assets to win increase your market shares.
Your goal is to convince your clients and partners, by sending them a message whether it is verbal or in writing which is relevant and understandable.
Your goal is to communicate effectively, and optimize your costs while meeting deadlines.

If this is true for you, you’ve come to the right place!

I contribute to your project
by bringing the essential human touch

Do you know why translations done by a professional will always be the best ally for businesses? Because while it is quite tempting to reduce cost/expenditures by having your documents translated using machine translation engines, one of the main reasons for not using an automatic translator in a professional setting must not be forgotten: an automatic translator does not recognize the context of a document!  And the knowledge of the language in which the text is written is not enough, moreover, for full understanding, it must also be complemented by specialized knowledge to ensure a quality result.

Why choose Tradair?

Prior to changing course to focus on translation and throughout my experiences in a corporate environment, I have worked in some very demanding fields. Moreover, my former employers are among the market leaders in their respective industries.
I have significant experience, in particular, in the areas of commercial aviation, international organizations and business travel, in which I have expert knowledge of the jargon. My technical and terminological knowledge, along with my writing skills, allow me to produce texts which are faithful to the meaning of the original document, which employ a natural wording for the French-speaking reader.

Translation exclusively into my mother tongue, from English and Spanish.

An external qualified resource for your businesses.

Work on invoice basis, with direct customers or agencies, and always in B2B.

Use of a CAT tool: SDL Trados Studio 2019.