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Technical translations

Technical translation includes both instruction or user manuals, documents of a medical nature, financial records, or even economic reports…to that extent, the vocabulary used is specific, that is to say the opposite of general. And it is generally aimed at a limited or targeted audience.

In its broadest sense, « technical translation »  can be described as the translation of texts requiring specialized knowledge, regardless of the discipline considered, and requires documentary research and/or useful exchanges with the final customer sometimes, to find the most appropriate term(s).

I have translated a variety of documents, ranging from wind and thermodynamic profiling systems for airport forecasters, airport docking stations, fluid characterization in borehole environments, documentation relating to shipping industry…

And I love it, in the same way as being a professional freelancer means being able to offer excellence, improve content, and set up a relationship of trust.

Things I can translate for you:

  • User manuals, user guides
  • Procedures manuals
  • Training material
  • Presentations, brochures

Whether you are an airline, an operator, a supplier, or a publishing house, I am also very willing to sign confidentiality agreements.

Please get in touch, if you are currently looking for someone to translate your technical content: