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Revision, proofreading

I provide text correction, with respect to meaning, syntax, spelling, vocabulary, language register and consistency with other texts. This service is about aligning company material, by making it consistent and update.

Revising translations (bilingual proofreading or comparative revision)


This phase involves checking the translation by comparing it carefully to the original source text, in order to check its suitability for the agreed purpose of a given project. The suitability of the translated text is assessed with respect to the original according to specific parameters, such as consistency in terms of terminology, style and language register.

Reviewing translations (unilingual proofreading or linguistic revision)


In this phase, solely the translated text is examined to make sure it is correct. A review is performed to check if fine-tuning or further adaptation in terms of vocabulary and style are required. Specialist review must be performed by a specialist reviewer, or rather by an individual in a professional role who has previous experience in translation in the subject matter and in the semantic areas covered by the same (at least in the target language of the document).


  • The consistency of the proposed changes should be determined with the client.
  • It is also necessary to ask the client for any clarifications and apply these to the final text
  • And to deliver the translation to the client, attaching any files with notes on the corrections made.

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