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A few examples of achievements

In the field of general and commercial aviation, I am specialized in airport ground operations management. I possess thorough knowledge of the market and terms relating to this area, and can therefore offer extremely accurate translation of technical or commercial aeronautical documents such as:

  • management or operations manuals,
  • internal training programs
  • presentation brochures
  • airport safety and security programs
  • procedures manuals
  • press articles

I also offer high-quality aeronautical technical translations. Examples of translated documents:

  • Thermodynamic wind profiler for airport weather forecasters
  • Targeted baggage examination after tomography analysis
  • Aircraft docking systems
  • Non-compliance assessment data

In addition to the practical field and documentation experience I have,

  • I regularly meet with air transport operators at exhibitions/trade shows/conferences
  • I conduct research in specialized magazines and on forums and I also use, among other things, the ASD-STE standard (Simplified technical English) for certain technical translations
  • I also occasionally use my copywriting skills in articles related to air transport.

Aviation & Air Transport

While my choice area of expertise is air transport, I can also take care of your translations related to other lines of business (tailor-made and 100% human). Here are a few examples:

Economic / Institutional / Financial

Medical translations

Technical translations

Audiovisual Translations