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What is a technical translation specializing in aviation and airport ground operations?

Among logistical requirements faced by aviation actors, including airlines, punctuality, and the security of airport ground operations are critical to all.

All personnel should be fully trained in international regulations.

In the airport support services sector, for example, not all staff members speak English.

It is therefore sometimes essential to provide them with operating manuals, training content or technical sheets written in their mother tongue (in this case French). This is to help them comply easily, in all respects and at all times with any guideline on airport ground operations , which they guarantee both efficiency and security.

These may include, for example, manuals related to:

  • Aircraft towing and pushback
  • Quality control training and checklists for de-icing
  • Catering specifications, e.g. loading
  • Dangerous goods
  • Fire protection instructions
  • Apron driver’s license
  • Aircraft loading/unloading operations
  • Load control
  • ULDs
  • Aircraft marshalling
  • Passenger handling services
  • Forklift driving license
  • Ramp safety training
  • Ramp handling & servicing

These are just a few examples.

It is important to entrust this type of documents to a technical translator specialized in aviation and in these specific fields, of which he/she masters all subtleties. For the technical terminology and jargon used in the air transport industry must be returned in French with the greatest precision.

This will be provided by a translator who specializes in airport ground operations, especially airside operations.

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